Taejongdae Park

Located on the southernmost tip of Yeongdo Island in Busan, Taejongdae Park is one of the city’s most stunning natural spots. The area, named after King Taejong of the Silla Dynasty (who once practiced archery here), offers access to a rock beach, a lighthouse, a few temples, an observatory and plenty of natural trails to explore.

Park admission is free, but visitors can purchase an inexpensive ticket for a small train that stops at various points of interest throughout the park. For a view of the island’s coastal scenery from the water, the park also has a small dock where passengers can embark on short boat tours. 

Practical Info

If you get hungry while exploring Taejongdae Park, you’ll find several restaurants serving fresh seafood with magnificent views over the ocean. On a clear day, you can see the Japanese island of Tsushima in the distance. 
Adres: Busan, South Korea, Zuid-Korea
Openingstijden: 4 a.m.-midnight
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