Barron Gorge National Park

Whether it’s hiking, boating or tracking wildlife, the lush hills and scenic passes of Barron Gorge National Park make up the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts to explore this natural Australian wonder, which lies just beyond Cairns city limits.

Overnight travelers can set up camp at nearby Speewah Conservation Park before setting out on one of Barron Gorge’s popular hikes, which range from an easy 1.2 kilometers to more challenging excursions between the park’s three main trailheads. Commercial rafting trips along the Barron River let daredevil travelers explore less accessible parts of the lower gorge, while wildlife lovers can find tree-kangaroos, flying foxes, spotted-tail quolls and even the endangered southern cassowary along the river’s edge.

Visitors often stroll along the banks of Lake Placid in the lower Barron Gorge, and the popular Skyrail Rainforest Cableway takes visitors high up into the park’s rainforest canopy.

Practical Info

The lower section of Barron Gorge National Park is located 18 kilometers northwest of Cairns, and the upper section is 27 kilometers outside the city. Rainy season lasts from December to April, so it’s best to travel between May and September to escape the downpour.
Adres: Lamb Range QLD 4870, Cairns, Australië
Openingstijden: Open 24 hours
Toegang: Dependent on activity
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