At first glance, Llandaff looks like any other Welsh village, with its gabled brick houses, cluster of shops and traditional pubs, but visit after dark and the tranquil suburb transforms into an eerie medieval township, where ancient ghosts and Celtic spirits lurk around every corner.  

Llandaff has long been famous for its Cathedral, one of Britain’s oldest Christian sites, which dates back to as early as the 6th century, but more recently the village has become notorious as the setting for Cardiff’s award-winning ghost walks. Infamous as one of Wales’ most haunted locations, brave visitors touring Llandaff can discover the legends of the mysterious White Lady who haunts the nearby woods, a faceless ghost that stalks locals and ominous sightings in the cathedral cemetery. Tours are held at night by torchlight, so prepare to be scared. 

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The Llandaff village is located around 4 km northwest of downtown Cardiff. 
Adres: Llandaff, Wales
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