Lingyun Temple

Located on Lingyun Mountain, Lingyun Temple is also referred to as the Great Buddha Temple because of its spot at the head of the Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest stone Buddha in the world.On both sides of the entrance gate to the temple are four memorial monuments, with the principal building composed of the Tianwang, or Heavenly King Hall, the Precious Hall of the Great Hero and the Scripture Collection Hall, all of which neatly form a multi-tiered courtyard house.

It’s said that in the year 713, the confluence waterway of the Dadu, Min and Qingyi rivers was a rushing torrent and a danger to both shipping vessels and the livelihood of the local people. A monk of the Lingyun Temple believed that the waters might be calmed if a giant likeness of Buddha was chiseled out of the cliffs, facing the turbulent waterway, so the Leshan Giant Buddha was created and has supposedly been protecting those who navigate the river ever since.

Practical Info

A great option for a day trip, Lingyun Temple is located about a two-hour drive outside of Chengdu. Take a taxi from Leshan City to the Giant Buddha or take a ferry ship from Leshan Harbor to the Giant Buddha.
Adres: Lingyun Mountain, Leshan, China
Openingstijden: Daily 9am-4:50pm
Toegang: 90 RMB
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