Shufeng Yayun Teahouse

Located in the Chengdu Culture Park, the Shufeng YaYun Teahouse was once a gathering place for famous Sichuan operatic actors. Now, it is one of the hot spots for visitors to Chengdu and holds the China Sichuan Opera Unique Skills Performance each evening. This helps preserve and share traditional Sichuan arts while providing a glimpse into the past as one of the most popular Sichuan Opera theaters in the area. 

Don’t be misled by the term "opera" in relation to the performance that takes place here; instead, it’s more of a variety show of traditional Sichuan exhibitions like puppetry, dancing, singing, music, hand shadows, comedic theater and the culmination: face changing. The performances take place in an open-air theater, and light snacks are served. Knowledge of Mandarin is not necessary, as there is a translator at the show.

Practical Info

Shufeng YaYun Teahouse is located in the Chengdu Culture Park beside Qingyang Palace and near Wuhou Ancestral Temple and Dufu Cottage. Tickets for the show cost between 150 RMB and 320 RMB, depending on the location of your seat and the time of the year.
Adres: No.23 Qintai Road, Chengdu, China
Toegang: 150-320 RMB
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