Chiang Dao Caves

This group of caves in the Chiang Dao region north of Chiang Mai is full of massive limestone and crystal formations. Though there are many caverns at the base of the Doi Chiang Dao mountain range here, these five in particular are interconnected and open to explore, with impressive stalagmites and stalactites hanging and growing from the ceilings and floors. 

Buddha images on the walls of the caves are evidence of their use as shrines and meditation sites. Estimated to run seven miles (12 km) deep, the first two caves are well-lit, but you’ll need a guide and a lantern or flashlight to access the others. Seasonally, an underground river flows through some of the caves, along with many other natural wonders and cultural sights to be discovered and explored.

Seasonally there is an underground river flowing through some of the caves.  There are both natural wonders and cultural sights to be explored; just be sure to bring some light or hire a guide who knows the way.
Adres: Chiang Dao, Thailand
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