Chiang Mai National Museum

History buffs won’t want to miss the Chiang Mai National Museum which houses an impressive collection of Lanna (north Thai) artifacts. The museum is divided into six sections covering topics like ancient settlements in Chiang Mai, the region’s geography and ecology, the Lanna kingdom, life in modern Chiang Mai, and Lanna art. The museum building itself is a work of art and is built in the traditional Lanna style from wood with a sloping roof.

In contrast to the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre which offers multimedia exhibits, the Chiang Mai National Museum is a very traditional museum with artifacts behind glass labeled in English and Thai. Photography is not permitted inside the museum.

Practical Info

The Chiang Mai National Museum is located on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Super Highway near Wat Jed Yot. It is too far to walk from downtown hotels, so hire a tuk-tuk or taxi to take you.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday and closed every Monday and Tuesday. The admission fee is payable at the entrance in Thai currency. 
Adres: Chiang Mai-Lampang Super Highway Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Openingstijden: Open Wed-Sun 9am - 4pm, Closed Monday, Tuesday, and National Holidays.
Toegang: 30B
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