Agua Azul

A multi-tiered waterfall of fast-flowing waters tumbling down a series of natural limestone steps, the Agua Azul (Blue Water) waterfall stands in striking contrast to the lone cascade of the nearby Misol Ha Waterfall and is often combined with a tour of Palenque. Named for its startling turquoise-blue waters created by minerals in the limestone bed, the waterfalls make a popular photo spot, but be aware that if you visit during the rainy season (June through October) the excess flow and silt can result in a rather less-appealing murky-brown shade.

At the foot of the falls, a series of pools and bathing holes make an ideal spot for swimming and during the weekends the area is filled with both locals and tourists, picnicking by the waterside, buying food and handicrafts from the cluster of market stalls set up nearby and cooling off in the shallow waters. 

Practical Info

The Agua Azul waterfall is located off the Highway 199, 35 kilometers south of Palenque and is open daily during daylight hours. Admission is 25 pesos.
Adres: Agua Azul Waterfalls, Chiapas, Mexico
Openingstijden: Daily during daylight hours.
Toegang: 25 pesos
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