Misol-Ha Waterfall

A slim cascade tumbling 35 meters from the cliff edge into the turquoise waters below, the Misol-Ha waterfall makes an arresting sight, set against a backdrop of lush jungle in the Chol tribe area of Chiapas.Often visited en-route to the Mayan ruins of Palenque, Misol-Ha and the nearby Agua Azul falls are two of the region’s most popular natural landmarks.

While the scenery is undeniably photogenic, the main highlight of a visit to Misol-Ha is the chance to swim beneath the falls and the deep, cool waters offer welcome relief from the muggy heat of the rainforest. A walkway also passes behind the falls, revealing a series of hidden caves that can be explored with the services of a local guide.

Practical Info

The Misol-Ha waterfall is located off Highway 199, 25 kilometers south of Palenque, and is open daily during daylight hours. Admission is 20 pesos per person.
Adres: Misol-Ha Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico
Openingstijden: Daily
Toegang: 20 pesos per person.
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