Chicago Chinatown

Chicago's Chinatown began as a result of Chinese immigration and the discrimination against them. After the completion of the transcontinental railroad, Chinese immigrants who were living in California in the late 1800s began moving east to escape the discrimination they were experiencing, and some of them settled in Chicago. They began opening small shops, restaurants, and laundry service stores, and throughout the 1900s, the Chinese population continued to grow.

Today Chinatown is not only an area with a predominantly Chinese population, it is also an interesting tourist attraction, and many visitors can come to experience a bit of Chinese culture. Museums display Chinese art depicting the culture. There are many restaurants where you can eat authentic Chinese food from different regions of China. Shopping is also a big draw. Chinese grocers offer food and ingredients not normally found in typical grocery stores in Chicago, and herb shops sell a wide variety of traditional Chinese herbs. There are also several gift shops. Throughout the year, Chinatown hosts several festivals, such as Chinese New Year, Temple Street Market Festival, Autumn Moon Festival, and the Keep Chinatown Beautiful event.

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Chicago's Chinatown is centered around Cermak Road and Wentworth Avenue. Chinatown is bounded by 18th Street on the north, 23rd Street on the south, State Street on the east and the Chicago River on the west.
Adres: Chicago, Illinois, VS
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