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Magdalena Island (Isla Magdalena)
4 Tours en activiteiten

When Magellan passed through the strait bound for Chile for the first time, he cruised on past the tiny Magdalena Island, famous for its thousands of penguins. Today, travelers make it a point to stop at this scenic island that’s northeast of Punta Arenas to explore the rocky shores and get up close to the playful penguins.

Visitors can follow well-marked paths to a popular lighthouse for impressive views of the empty island, but it’s the friendly penguins that walk side-by-side with travelers that really draw tourists to this natural haven outside of the region’s capital.

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San Cristobal Hill (Cerro San Cristobal)
73 Tours en activiteiten

The Santiago skyline is dominated by San Cristobal Hill - or Cerro San Cristobal, a forest-carpeted mountain rising from the city, protected as the Parque Metropolitano, or city park. It was once called Tapahue, after the indigenous headdress it resembles, and developed into a public greenspace at the beginning of the 20th century, after the astronomical observatory was constructed atop.

Today, the park serves as a scenic escape above the smog that can choke Santiago on winter days, and offers fantastic views across this city of 6.5 million to the Andes. Walking trails, picnic spots, and an amphitheater are all dwarfed by the 22-meter (72-foot) statue of the Virgin Mary, erected here in the 1930s.

The park extends into the cerro's skirts, and also encompasses the National Zoo and two pretty public pools, both excellent options for families.

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68 Tours en activiteiten

Bellavista, een wijk op loopafstand van het centrum van Santiago, wordt ook wel gezien als de Boheemse wijk van de stad. Er is straatkunst en zowel een rustig als wild uitgaansleven, kunstgalerieën, theatervoorstellingen, dansclubs, voldoende restaurants (zowel formeel als informeel) en een van de meest bezochte musea van Chili, La Chascona. Zelfs dit museum heeft een kleurrijke geschiedenis; het is een van de door de Chileense dichter Pablo Neruda opgezette musea in een woonhuis. De hele wijk ligt slechts op korte afstand ten zuiden van Cerro San Cristobal, de grote heuvel die uitkijkt over de stad en zelfs een heiligdom heeft als in een groot marmeren beeld van de maagd Maria. Daarnaast zijn er wandelpaden, zwembaden en een Japanse tuin. In de weekenden trekt de heuvel gezinnen, paren, hardlopers, fietsers en groepen voor onder andere yoga en Zumba. En de hele week komen Chilenen van alle leeftijden en klassen hier naar toe om te ontspannen.

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Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna)
62 Tours en activiteiten

Not a single drop of water has fallen onto the Moon Valley in hundreds of years, thus the wind-sculpted salt statues inhabiting its eerie bowl have continued their slow, centuries-old dance uninterrupted. Come moonrise, when valley's light dusting of salt and metallic minerals shimmers all around, you may well see them move.

The awesome spectacle is one of the most popular excursions from San Pedro de Atacama, and at sunset the sand dunes can be covered with tourists, all enchanted by the quality of light. Fewer people visit in the morning, so sunrise may be a more tranquil experience.

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Ahumada Boulevard (Paseo Ahumada)
20 Tours en activiteiten

Santiago is een drukke, goed te belopen stad met een redelijk compact stadshart. Maar soms verlangt u naar wat meer ruimte in plaats van meegaan met de kudde mensen. Dat kan, want er zijn drie grote voetgangerswegen in het centrum van Santiago. Huérfanos, die in het westen van Cerro Santa Lucía naar het zuiden loopt en Paseo Ahumada en Paseo Estado, die noordelijk van de Alameda (Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins) naar de rivier Mapocho en Mercado Central lopen.

Paseo Ahumada is misschien wel de drukste van de drie. U treft hier gezinnen en eenlingen die de hele dag wandelen, telefoneren en op de bankjes zitten. Op de straat zijn bijna altijd straatartiesten en kooplui aanwezig. Ze bieden hoeden, sjaals of zelfs een televisieantenne aan. En er zijn kraampjes met mote con huesillo, een plaatselijke drank gemaakt van zoete perzikpunch met aangelengde gedroogde perziken en tarwevlokken op de bodem.

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Altiplanic Lagoons
11 Tours en activiteiten

To see lakes this high above sea level, you have to come to the altiplano, the very definition of which is “high plain,” an area between the peaks of the Andes in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. These two lakes, Miscanti and Miñique, are located at about 13,500 feet and are within driving distance of San Pedro de Atacama.

The two lakes are a deep blue, backed by snow-capped volcanoes and surrounded by a large plain of yellow tussock grass that whips in the wind. This grass is one of the preferred foods of the vicuña, the shyest of the llama-like species in the area, and if you are lucky, you may see a small herd around here. It is also fairly common to see a fox or two and sometimes even quick-running rheas, an emu-like bird native to the area.The protected lakes make for a great photo opportunity, but swimming is not allowed.

The lakes are managed by an indigenous community located in Socaire, a town often visited for its handmade crafts.

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Torres del Paine National Park
48 Tours en activiteiten

Torres Del Paine National Park (or Parque Nacional Torres del Paine) is one of the world's last great, unspoiled spaces, green fields and chill glittering lakes spread out beneath the naked granite spires of the Cordillera del Paine.

These epic massifs, with their wintry snow raiments, call rock climbers and ice hikers to their feet with promises of an adventure at the edge of their abilities. Less ambitious visitors will find all sorts of wonderful trails through the wilderness and herds of guanaco (a type of small, Patagonian llama) that can be enjoyed in a few hours; buses run between lodging and the different trailheads and vistas. The famous W trail takes 9 days for full circuit, and requires more serious preparation.

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Concha y Toro Winery
85 Tours en activiteiten

Chile is justly famed for its wine, and no Chilean vintage is better known than Concha y Toro. Founded just south of Santiago in 1883 by Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, a politician who was clearly a man of the people, this respected winery now has vineyards all over Chile. The original, with its evocative stone cellars and photogenic fields, is still in Pirque.

Just outside Santiago's spreading city limits, this pastoral spot is the most convenient of all the Chilean vineyards to visit. The tour, available in Spanish, English, and other languages, takes you through the historic old buildings and into the modern era of winemaking, explaining both the science and artistry of the endeavor.

Today, Concha y Toro Winery produces some 20 million cases of excellent wine, most for export. Two glasses are complimentary with your tour, along with traditional tapas. Many more are available in the shop.

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Atacama Salt Flats (Salar de Atacama)
26 Tours en activiteiten

The world's driest desert is the Atacama, caught up at extreme altitudes within an Andean basin, shielded from the life-giving rain. There is water here, except for geyser fields and hot springs boiling up from the volcanic depths, rivers fed from snowy peaks above, and the lithium-rich Atacama Salt Lake.

The crackling salt surface of Salar de Atamaca, the world's second-largest salt flats, partially obscures the extent of this mineral-blue salt sea. Where the rich waters break through crystalline formations, flamingos and other seabirds match their plumage against the pink-and-purple painted hills.

There are several major lagoons, including Lagunas Miscanti, Chaxa, and most famously Cejar, a sinkhole boasting a salt concentration so high that "you can do yoga on the surface." While you can explore these harsh environs on your own, most visitors book multiple-day trips through the wilderness.

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Salto Grande Waterfall
2 Tours en activiteiten

Salto Grande, which means large waterfall, is the biggest one you’ll see in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. It’s easy to visit as part of a day trip to the park with just a small bit of walking involved. The waterfall is the Paine River’s outflow from milky blue Lago Nordenskjöld, restricted into a narrow chute as it drops about 50 feet (15 meters) into what will eventually turn into Lago Pehoé, the lake you cross by catamaran to get to the Paine Grande campsite and refuge.

If you visit Salto Grande as part of a day trip, you’ll usually spend about 30 minutes here. There are more active options, however, with the possibility of setting out from Pudeto (where the Lago Pehoé catamaran crossing is) to do a 2.5-hour round-trip hike to Salto Grande, passing by the lookout point for Los Cuernos, a giant massif of sedimentary rock with black granite tops.

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Meer dingen om te doen in Chili

Termas de Chillán Hot Springs

Termas de Chillán Hot Springs

Whether you´re after an unbeatable Nordic cross-country trail through snow-capped trees or merely a stab at South America´s longest ski run (8 miles), Termas de Chillan offers enough activities for everyone who feels at home in the snow. If 28 professionally-groomed runs aren´t enough to satisfy, rent your own snowmobile and go for a wild race, or, alternatively, let some four-legged friends race for you by hopping on a dogsled ride—both adventures are available on site.

At the end of the day, the nine sulfur and iron swimming pools, open year-round, that give the resort its name await your aching muscles. Relax the way nature intended—and gear up for the next day!

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