The Court Theater

You can’t mention the Christchurch arts scene without also mentioning the Court Theater. Founded in 1971, this professional theater company has provided the people of Christchurch with generations of quality theater. With numerous shows annually and on most nights of the year, the Court Theater can offer everything from side-splitting comedy and theater classics to dramas which will tug at the heart strings.  This is the highest level of professional theater found anywhere on the South Island of New Zealand, and theater aficionados will walk away impressed by the talent found on this stage.

Since the devastating earthquake of 2011, The Court Theater has relocated from the city center to the nearby suburb of Addington, and performances take place in a large warehouse affectionately known as “The Shed.” Of all the performances on tap at the Court Theater, a local favorite is the Scared Scriptless improv show put on by the legendary comedy group The Court Jesters. This improv group is a Christchurch staple which has been performing since 1990, and they are largely credited with keeping Christchurch laughing through some of its darkest days. Any theater buffs spending a night in the city should definitely visit the Court Theater, although reservations are necessary for most of the shows due to the wild popularity and fame.
Adres: Bernard Street, Christchurch 8024, Nieuw-Zeeland
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