Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs

Deep in the Roseau Valley, Wotten Waven is a small town where you’ll find geothermal hot springs that have attracted travelers with their muscle-soothing minerals for centuries. These unique features can be found here because the town sits atop the Wotten Waven Caldera, one of nine active volcanoes on the island. Today the town has become something of a natural spa retreat, with a variety of establishments offering hot water and mud baths fueled by the natural hot springs. A day tour of the community includes a hike along the sulphur river, where the rocks are stained yellow from the mineral and vents steam and bubble with volcanic mud. After a local lunch you can take soak in one of the community pools and relax amid the peaceful rainforest backdrop.

Practical Info

The Wotten Waven community sits about 20 minutes’ drive outside the capital Roseau. To get there, head east on Valley Rd. out of the city, or take the local bus. Once there, you can stop at the Tourism Reception Center to get information and the lay of the land before setting off to the soaking pools of your choice.
Adres: Wotten Waven, Dominica
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