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Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te voorkomen, kunnen attracties gesloten of gedeeltelijk gesloten zijn. Raadpleeg reisadviezen van overheden voordat u boekt. De Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) houdt het coronavirus nauwlettend in de gaten en u kunt hier meer informatie vinden.

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Dominicaanse Republiek bezienswaardigheden


Saona Island (Isla Saona)
61 Tours en activiteiten

The national park-protected Saona Island (or Isla Saona) lies just off the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.

Lovely beaches fringe this remote slice of heaven, with the best swimming at Mano Juan and Punta Gorda. It’s an ideal beach getaway for a day’s excursion by catamaran.

The population numbers little more than 300 lucky souls, and beach and eco-touring activities are the main drawcards, along with the island’s lagoons, caves and offshore snorkeling.

The island measures around 15 miles long by 3 miles wide (25 kilometers by 5 kilometers).

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Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve (Parque Ojos Indigenas)
10 Tours en activiteiten

Punta Cana Ecological Park is privébezit en beslaat z’n 600 hectare. Het is bedoeld om leefgebieden aan de kust en in het binnenland te beschermen. Hier leven zo’n 80 vogelsoorten, samen met 500 plantensoorten. In het park ligt het Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park, genoemd naar de lagunes met kristalhelder water (ook “ogen” genoemd), die ondergronds bij de zee uitmonden. Er lopen paden langs het park en je kunt deelnemen aan een tour onder begeleiding. Of ga te paard door het park en langs de kust.

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Altos de Chavón
24 Tours en activiteiten

If you’re wondering what it was like several centuries ago on the island of the Dominican Republic, then you should head to Altos de Chavón, a recreated 16th-century village built in La Romana near the Chavón River. Sculpted in stone, the site is an impressive example of what a Mediterranean-inspired village would have looked like on the island long ago.

Construction began in 1976 with the goal of having Altos de Chavón serve as a center for Dominican Republic culture. The site was created using the local handiwork of the people of the island; much of the stonework and metal carvings seen here were handcrafted by local artisans, which continues to draw attention to the craftwork that was once so prominent in island life. Much of Altos de Chavón is made of stone, and its coastal location provides a dramatic and inspiring backdrop. Visitors to Altos de Chavón will find restaurants, shops and even a 5,000-seat amphitheater where concerts and other performances are held.

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Amber Museum (Museo Del Ámbar)
8 Tours en activiteiten

Housed in a fine Victorian mansion with an interesting history of its own, the Amber Museum (Museo de Ambar Dominicano) is worth a visit to see some rare and fascinating amber pieces and to understand more about this semi-precious gem.

Formed out of the fossilized resin of ancient trees some 25 to 40 million years ago, the resin (that in its pressed form becomes amber) perfectly preserved whatever it covered. Amber-covered fossils, such as insects and plant remains are still being discovered today.

There are thousands of specimens at the Amber Museum, but one of its finest has to be a perfectly conserved 40cm (15.8in) lizard encased in a 42.5cm (16.7in) length of amber.

The entire collection has good bi-lingual signage and English and Spanish-speaking guides are available to take you through the museum and relay the story of the Bentz family, the original owners of the mansion.

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3 Tours en activiteiten
The marine life of the Dominican Republic’s prized offshore reefs is preserved and exhibited at the Marinarium marine park. Marinarium snorkel cruises head out to the reef, and the Reef Explorer provides all the facilities of a mini island at sea. Arrange a stingray encounter, kayak across the waves, sunbathe on flotation mats, and enjoy snacks and drinks on-board the explorer.
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Brugal Rum Center
1 tour en activiteit

Named after Catalonian expatriate Andres Brugal, a visit to the Brugal Rum Center offers visitors a chance to see the magic of turning sugarcane into one of the Dominican Republic’s chief exports – rum. From golden brown to crystal clear, the rum you’ll see, smell, and taste at the Brugal rum center will open your eyes to the possibility of what a refined drink rum can be.

Families enjoy the wondrous automated distilling and bottling process and marvel at the mechanics of turning sugarcane into the nectar of the gods. An excellent escape from the ordinary while in Puerto Plata, take some time to explore a local icon and learn a bit about distilling in the process.

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Scape Park at Cap Cana

Scape Park is an eco-adventure park located in Cap Cana on the gorgeous Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. Centrally located just seven miles from the Punta Cana airport, Scape Park is easy to get to and provides entertainment for adventure minded travelers. At Scape Park, you can go ziplining over the treetops, horseback riding along the beach, off-roading in an adventure buggy plus go scuba diving and snorkeling to discover underwater sea life or take a catamaran and yacht tour to see the landscape above sea level. There is also kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, fishing and sailing, as well as caves and lagoons you can explore. Both adults and children will find activities they enjoy at Scape Park, making it an ideal place to head for a day during vacation, whether you’re traveling as a couple on a romantic getaway or a family traveling with multiple generations.

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Ocean World Adventure Park

Hailed as 'the biggest attraction in the Caribbean', Ocean World Adventure Park is a great day out of the whole family.

Ocean World prides itself on its point of difference from other marine parks that are generally not set up to enable people to physically interact with the animals. At Ocean World Adventure Park you are encouraged through a series of experiences to have direct contact with some of the animals.

And who could resist the opportunity to swim and play with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish and float with stingrays? You may wish to pass on the shark feeding at the 200,000-gallon (760,000-liter) shark pool, however.

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Hoyo Azul Lagoon

The natural beauty of this scenic lagoon has made it one of Dominican Republic’s top travel destinations. Just a few minutes from Punta Cana International Airport in peaceful Scape Park, Hoyo Azul is simply the best of what this country has to offer. A rugged trail weaves through towering forests of indigenous trees and rare plants, ending at this 37-meter deep turquoise escape. Visitors can take a calming dip to cool off, or dive in from one of the towering cliff’s rocky edges for a real adrenaline rush.

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Fun Fun Cave (Cueva Fun Fun)

Van een avontuur in de tropische regenwouden van de Dominicaanse Republiek is het maar eventjes rijden naar de prachtige ondergrondse tunnels van Fun Fun Cave. Deze liggen in Parque Nacional Los Haitises en gaan tot 20 meter onder de grond. Deze attractie doet zijn naam eer aan. Je ziet hier Indiaanse rotskunst en de onmiskenbare stalagmieten en stalactieten. In een dag leer je alles over de geschiedenis van de regio en kun je ook nog een duik nemen in de aanwezige rivier.

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Meer dingen om te doen in Dominicaanse Republiek

Bavaro Beach (Playa Bavaro)

Playa Bavaro

93 Tours en activiteiten

De ongeëvenaarde stranden van Punta Cana liggen vooral in de buurt van Bavaro, waar de vele vakantieresorts van de Dominicaanse Republiek te vinden zijn.

Het merendeel van deze resorts is gecentreerd langs de witte zandstrook van Playa Bavaro en rond een beperkt aantal winkelgebieden.

Samen met het helderblauwe water en de zandstranden, heeft Bavaro ook golfbanen en onderwaterriffen voor een duikervaring van wereldklasse.

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Sosua Beach (Playa Sosua)

Sosua Beach (Playa Sosua)

14 Tours en activiteiten

Between Puerto Plata and Cabarete, lies the Bay of Sosua. Known for its sheltered calm waters, coral reefs and wide variety of fish and marine life, the Bay attracts many snorkelers and divers and is a popular spot for a cruise.

Even if you don't dive or snorkel, the Bay’s clear waters enable you to catch a glimpse of some of the richness of sea life below. Getting out on the Bay is also a relaxing way to spend a few hours and view some the Dominican Republic's picturesque northern coastline.

In the winter, whale-watching is also a popular activity in Sosua Bay.

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National Park of the East (Parque Nacional del Este)

Parque Nacional del Este

3 Tours en activiteiten

De zandstranden van Saona Island zijn een hoogtepunt van een bezoek aan Parque Nacional del Este, samen met het tropische regenwoud en het kalkstenen karstlandschap van het vaste land.

De biodiversiteit die in dit park bewaard is gebleven is ongelofelijk. Er zijn meer dan 570 verschillende soorten planten en 163 vogelsoorten.

Veel van het leefgebied is te vinden in de mangroves die het schiereiland omzomen en het zeegras dat in het water staat. De koraalriffen voor de kust zijn populair bij duikers.

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