Bait Al Banat Women’s Museum

Located in the Gold Souk area of Dubai, the Bait Al Banat Women’s Museum opened in 2012 as a project of Emirati Professor Rafia Ghubash with the aim of preserving and sharing the history of women in the United Arab Emirates and breaking down cultural stereotypes and misconceptions about women’s role in the development of the country. 

Three floors of exhibit space celebrate women throughout the nation’s history, including many female artists who were pioneers in their fields. An entire hall is dedicated to Emirati poet Ousha Bint Khalifa, nicknamed ‘The Girl of the Arabs.’ Highlights of the exhibit include her hand-written poems. The Women’s Studies Centre on the second floor of the museum maintains a library and database of documents available for research in the field.
Adres: Al Sabkha, Gold Souq, Near Al Khor St, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
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