Hanga Roa

As Easter Island’s sole town and home to its only airport, Hanga Roa is the obvious starting point for visitors to the island. Despite its diminutive size—about 5,000 residents call Hanga Roa home—it’s still the focal point of local life. Almost all of the island's hotels, restaurants, shops and tourist services can be found here, but the town is also conveniently situated for visiting all of the island’s top attractions.

As well as strolling around the bustling fishing ports, browsing the artisan crafts market and swimming or surfing at the nearby Pea beach, there are also number of moai dotted around Hanga Roa, including the ceremonial platforms of Ahu Riata and Ahu Tautira, as well as the hugely popular moai of Tahai, just up the coast.

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Hanga Roa is located on the northwestern coast of Easter Island and is home to the island’s only airport, connected by regular flights to mainland Chile.
Adres: Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chili
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