Isla Lobos

Isla Lobos is a small, flat island located off the coast of San Cristobal Island known for its snorkeling and diving. Beside its rocky shores lie calm waters in which conditions for swimming and viewing marine life are optimal and visibility can reach up to 40 feet.

The island is most known for its resident sea lion population, where dozens of them play in the turquoise water and dot the white sands to rest. Bird watching for blue-footed boobies, Darwin finches, brown pelicans, and frigate birds is also feasible here.

Isla Lobos is the closest dive site to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. With the right timing, it is even possible to see baby sea lions or marine iguanas eating seaweed and swimming in the water. The channel the island creates next to San Cristobal makes for excellent conditions to encounter wildlife.

Practical Info

Islas Lobos about a half hour away by boat from the port on San Cristobal Island. Visitors must be accompanied by a certified Galapagos National Park guide.
Adres: Isla Lobos, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
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