3 Days in Galway: Suggested Itineraries

Known as the ‘City of the Tribes’, the vibrant city of Galway has plenty to keep visitors entertained, with awe-inspiring architecture, a riotous nightlife and some of Ireland’s principal attractions right on its doorstep. Here are a few ideas for how to spend 3 days in Galway.

Day 1: Explore the city

Get your bearings and soak up some of Galway’s rich history on a walking tour of city. Stroll along the quay beneath the legendary Spanish Arch, remembering to pop into the Galway City Museum overhead, then marvel at the eclectic architecture of Galway Cathedral, located right on the River Corrib. In the evening, head to the nearby village of Doolin, celebrated as the traditional music capital of Ireland, where you can wile away the hours sipping Guinness in one of the historic pubs and listen to some of the world’s best Irish folk musicians.

Day 2: Walk the coastline

Pay a visit to the mighty Cliffs of Moher, where you can take in spectacular views over the Galway Bay, The Twelve Pins and the northern Maum Turk Mountains. Hike the famous cliff walk, a hair-raising pathway towering 214 meters over the Atlantic Ocean, or take a ferry out to the nearby Aran Islands, a collection of three historic islands, where the villages are still inhabited by Gaelic-speaking communities and pony traps are the transport method du jour.

Day 3: Explore Country Clare

Trek through the otherworldly terrain of the Burren, where limestone erosion has created a mesmerizing landscape of ruts, fissures and rocky mounds, harboring a fascinating array of plant and insect life. Combine it with a trip to Doolin Cave, home to ‘The Great Stalactite’, one of the world’s largest at almost 7 meters in length, or spend the evening sipping goblets of mulled mead at one of Dunguaire Castle’s popular medieval banquets.
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