Lilla Bommen

As Gothenburg’s principal marina, Lilla Bommen forms the focal point of the city’s waterfront and the scenic riverside stretch is home to a number of top attractions. The eponymous skyscraper, Lilla Bommen, takes center-stage, a 23-floor skyscraper alternatively nicknamed “The Lipstick” or the “Lego House” for its unusual white and red façade, and its top-floor café offers expansive views along the Göta River.

Additional highlights include the Barken Viking, an early 20th-century merchant ship permanently moored in the marina and now home to a floating hotel and restaurant, the grand Gothenburg Opera House (Goteborgsoperan) and the nearby Maritiman, a floating museum of around 20 restored ships. Lilla Bommen is also the launch-point for boat cruises to the island fortress of Nya Älvsborg.
Adres: Lilla Bommen, Gothenburg, Zweden
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