Parque Mirador Independencia

Located on the outskirts of Guadalajara, the Parque Mirador Indepencia is a lookout point over the Gorge of Oblatos, and affords a dramatic view of the canyon and the Rio Santiago, 2,000 feet below. The park includes a playground, gardens, and an inexpensive restaurant right at the rim of the canyon. Crisscrossed with trails, the surrounding jungle is a favorite spot for hikers and joggers. An open air theater is set against a backdrop view of the bright green mountains that is awesome in the traditional sense of the word. If your timing is right, you may be able to catch a show. 

Practical Info

The park is located at the end of Calzada Independencia and is the last macrobus stop on the Fray Angélico-Mirador line. 
Adres: Calzada Independencia, Guadalajara, Mexico
Openingstijden: Daily 6am-7pm
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