Constitution Plaza

Located in the Centro Historico (Zona 1) district of Guatemala City, the Plaza de la Constitución, or Constitution Plaza, is considered the best place to kick off a tour of Guatemala City.

A number of important sites are located around and the Parque Central, as locals refer to it, which follows the standard colonial urban-planning scheme found in the New World. The plaza's concrete “park” is always bustling with activity, especially on public holidays and Sundays. Constitution Plaza is also surrounded by important structures like the National Plaza of Culture, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the underground Central Market, the Portal of Commerce and Centenarian Park. The National Library and Periodicals Library and General Archive of Central America are found here too.

Near the Parque Central is the pedestrian-only area of Paseo Sexta Avenida (Sixth Avenue Passage), a beloved shopping and entertainment area that is a great introduction to Guatemalan culture and habits. 

Practical Info

Constitution Plaza is located in Zone 1 between Sixth and Seventh avenues. It is recommended you take a shuttle, taxi or hotel transportation to the area. As with any destination, be cautious of your belongings, as thefts against tourists are common in Guatemala City.
Adres: 14 Calle 9-30 zona 1, Guatemala City 01001, Guatemala
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