Taranna Wildlife Park (Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park)

The Tasmanian devil is known around the world, and while the cartoon character of the same name may have helped it gain popularity, few will ever get the opportunity to see a real Tasmanian devil. Taranna Wildlife Park is trying to change that.

Also known as the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, visitors here can learn what endangered devils are really like. The size of a small dog, these carnivorous marsupials are dwindling in population due to a devastating disease. Staff members at Taranna educate guests about the ongoing efforts to help save the devils at presentations and feedings throughout the day. And Tasmanian devils aren’t the parks only residents—visitors can hand-feed kangaroos or watch Tasmania’s only free-flight bird show.

Practical Info

The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park opens daily at 9 a.m. and is only closed on Christmas Day. It’s located about an hour from Hobart on the main highway to Port Arthur. 
Adres: 5990 Arthur Hwy, Taranna, Australia TAS 7180, Australië
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