Santa Cruz Bay

Santa Cruz Bay is the perfect place for travelers looking to spend an afternoon combing through shops filled with Mexican handicrafts, enjoy a traditional meal along a bustling boat dock, or experience the beauty of the coast. Visitors can rent kayaks and jet skies to tour the bay, or hire scooters and buzz through the busy city streets.

Those looking for a more scenic escape can hop aboard one of the seven bays or snorkeling tours, which depart from the main dock. These popular excursions carry travelers across the bay, with stops at a number of popular beaches, like Yerbabuena, Punta Cruz and Cacaluta.

Practical Info

The bay is located on the same seaside boulevard as La Cruecita. Santa Cruz tends to get crowded on days when cruise ships dock here. Travelers warn that local prices can rise during this time, too.
Adres: Santa Cruz Bay, Oaxaca, Mexico
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