3 Days in Hurghada: Suggested Itineraries

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It’s a little Las Vegas in style, but the Red Sea resort port of Hurghada is brilliantly positioned for snorkel adventures and desert encounters. Glittering hotels lining the sands have beach bars, swimming pools and shady umbrellas, and the downtown market is the place to practice your bartering skills. Try our three-day itinerary for fun in Hurghada by the Red Sea.

Day 1: Red Sea Adventures

To see what’s waiting for you under the sea, dive under the water aboard Sinbad the Submarine, for an underwater viewing without getting your feet wet. Glass-bottom boat cruises are also fun, and the corals and sea creatures you’ll see are just the beginning if you join a Red Sea snorkeling cruise to Giftun Island.

Day 2: Desert Encounters

With the desert sands fringing Hurghada’s western edge, it’s easy to be lured by the legends of the desert and its Bedouin inhabitants. Jeep safaris visit oases and Bedouin villages for camel riding, folklore and a spectacular desert sunset, followed by a traditional Bedouin barbecue dinner under the stars.

Day 3: Historic Destinations

The Red Sea is just one side of Egypt, and you can’t say you’ve seen the real Egypt without taking in the monuments and mummies of Luxor. Explore the pharaohs’ underground tombs in the Valley of the Kings, across the River Nile from Luxor, known in ancient times as Thebes. On the Nile’s east bank, Luxor Temple features the gigantic seated statue of Rameses, soaring obelisks and towering corridors of columns. Nearby Karnak is another maze of ancient statues and colossal columns for timeless sightseeing with the sphinxes.

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