Konak Square

Konak Square is in the center of Izmir, marked by its iconic clock tower that serves as a common meeting point for travelers and locals alike.

Since being built in 1901, the clock tower has become a symbol of Izmir. It stands in front of the Izmir governor’s official residence (konak) from which the governor oversees the province. Between the tower and the konak sits a small mosque, surrounded by the city hall and bus station. The eastern end of the square, when facing the water, is marked by Konak Pier, from where visitors can hop a ferry for a view of the coast and Izmir from the water.

Walking around Konak Square, the sights and sounds of nearby bustling cafes, restaurants and shops are hard to miss. The palm trees and waterfront give the area a distinctly Mediterranean feel, and from the center of the square, the shops and religious sites of Kermeralti Grand Bazaar are just a few steps away.

Practical Info

Konak Square is in the center of the city of Izmir. Many bus lines and the metro (Konak stop) run in and around the area.
Adres: Atatürk Avenue, Izmir, Turkey, Turkije
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