Uganda Museum

Founded in 1908, the Uganda Museum in Kampala is considered one of the best museums in all East Africa. The museum’s extensive collection is divided among exhibits on Ugandan history, culture, science, natural history and archeology, making it a great first stop for first time visitors to get a thorough introduction to the country.

Highlights of the Uganda Museum collection include an exhibit on traditional musical instruments (some of which visitors can play), fossilized remains of an 8 million years-extinct Napak rhino and a cultural village filled with recreated traditional homes from various Ugandan tribes.

Practical Info

With a fairly cheap admission price, a visit to the Uganda Museum is well worth a couple hours of your Kampala itinerary.
Adres: Kira Road, Kampala, Uganda, Oeganda
Toegang: 5,000 Ug shs
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