Clifford’s Honey Farm

Kangaroo Island is known for its wildlife, but honeybees usually aren’t part of it. At the fascinating Clifford’s Honey Farm, however, hives of pure blood Ligurian bees create a strain of honey that is so tantalizingly sweet it has becomes a staple of Kangaroo Island. Sample honey that has been carefully collected from the world’s only purebred Ligurians, and savor the famous honey ice cream that draws visitors from the mainland and beyond.

More than just pleasing to the taste buds, however, a visit to the farm provides an intriguing insight to the complex social structure of bees. Learn the way they interact in the hive and the intricacies of the honeybee hierarchy, and watch as honey is collected from hives and bottled for visitor’s enjoyment. And while it might not have the same level of “wilderness” as the rest of Kangaroo Island, the swarms at Clifford’s Honey Farm might become your favorite animals of the trip.

Practical Info

Clifford’s Honey Farm is open 9am-5pm on every day except Christmas. It is located 25 minutes south of Kingscote down rural South Coast Road, and is a convenient stop between American River and the airport for flights to the Mainland.
Adres: 1157 Elsegood Road, Kingscote, South Australia, Australië
Openingstijden: 9am-5pm every day except Christmas
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