Krakow by Trabant

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Manufactured in East Germany between 1957 and 1990, the Trabant was an icon of Europe’s communist Eastern Bloc. Before the fall of the Iron Curtain, Trabants were a common sight in Poland. For visitors hoping to tap into Krakow’s communist past, here’s what you need to know about exploring the Polish city in an authentic vintage Trabant.

  • Hop into an original Trabant and feel what it’s like to travel inside the noisy car, which many jokingly referred to as “a spark plug with a roof,” during a guided communism tour of Krakow. 
  • Travel by Trabant to the city’s Nowa Huta district. A sprawling suburb of Krakow meticulously planned and constructed by the Soviets, Nowa Huta is home to many of the city’s most striking examples of Socialist Realist architecture.
  • Combine a ride in a Trabant car with a walking tour of Krakow’s old Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz, which was home to Krakow’s Jewish community for centuries before World War II.
  • Upgrade your Trabant tour to include other communist-themed experiences, such as a visit to a communist-era apartment and the chance to try typical communist-era snacks such as pickled cucumbers at a restaurant that dates back to communist times. 
  • Learn about daily life behind the Iron Curtain in Krakow from a guide.
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