Cameron Highlands

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Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, a hill station approximately the size of Singapore, is one of the country’s largest resort areas and a popular escape from the heat and humidity of Kuala Lumpur. Located in the west of the country, about 124 miles (200 kilometers) from Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands enjoy a mean annual temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius),  and temperatures rarely rise above 77 Fahrenheit (25 Celsius).

The vast area is largely agricultural, making it possible to tour tea plantations, visit bee and butterfly farms, stroll through flower-filled gardens or stay in one of the charming inns that looks straight out of Tudor-era England. Like in much of Malaysia, adventure travelers come to trek in the Cameron Highlands, where you might get lucky and spot the Rafflesia flower, the largest flower in the world.

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