Lake Bosumtwi

Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana’s sole natural lake, was formed in a meteorite impact crater 17 miles (27 kilometers) southeast of Kumasi, and dozens of small villages now line the shores, all surrounded by lush greenery. Since the 1970s, the lake has become a popular recreational spot, with calm water where you can safely swim. Since the lake has no surface outlets, the water level has gradually risen over the years, and the villages on its banks are forced to relocate further up the hillsides from time to time.

According to Ashanti traditional beliefs, the spirits of the dead come to Lake Bosumtwi to bid farewell to the god Twi. Since it’s considered sacred, there’s a taboo against letting metal touch the water, so locals may only fish the lake using large planks of wood.

Practical Info

It’s possible to visit Lake Bosumtwi on a day trip from Kumasi, but there are several simple but welcoming guesthouses on the shores that make for a relaxing overnight trip.
Adres: Kumasi, Ghana
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