Fire Mountains (Montañas del Fuego)

A vast range of black and red peaks dominating the landscape of the Timanfaya National Park, the evocatively named Fire Mountains (Montañas de Fuego) serve as a lasting reminder of Lanzarote’s explosive past. Although the last eruption was recorded in 1824, it was a series of eruptions in the 18th century that was most memorable – the blasts covered a large portion of Lanzarote with hot ash and lava and created much of the island’s unearthly topography, including natural wonders like the El Golfo crater lake and the Los Hervideros cliffs.

Today, the mountains are classed as dormant, but an anomalous magma chamber still remains under the surface, leaving a geothermic area riddled with steaming vents and fire pits. Due to the intense heat and geothermal activity, hiking around the Fire Mountains is prohibited and the best way to take in the views is on a guided coach tour around the scenic Route of the Volcanoes.

Practical Info

The Fire Mountains (Montañas del Fuego) are located in the Timanfaya National Park and can only be visited by guided walks or coach tours (leaving from the park entrance). Admission to the Timanfaya National Park is €8, including the coach tour around the park.
Adres: Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spanje
Openingstijden: The park is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (with the last entry at 5 p.m.)
Toegang: Admission to Timanfaya National Park €8
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