Rizal Park and Shrine

Covering several blocks near Manila Bay, the Rizal Park and Shrine is considered one of the best ways to relax in Manila. A shinning tribute to national hero and icon Dr. Jose Rizal, a patriot for reform during the Spanish Colonial Era, the park is a historical landmark as well as a beautiful stroll, with several well-manicured ponds, gardens and statues.

Scattered throughout the park are the affects and literature of Dr. Rizal, including one poem carved into a stone, called "Mi Ultimo Adios." It is a moving, yet tragic account of his feelings written in the moments leading up to his execution.

At the shrine itself, located on Santa Clara Street, are several pieces of memorabilia, including Dr. Rizal's collected artwork, his manuscripts, books and even seashells that he accumulated over the years.

Rizal Park is also home to a number of great attractions including the national library, a butterfly pavilion, a museum of Philippine history, and a planetarium. At the western end of the park is the Quirino Grandstand, where newly inducted presidents take their oath of office and address the nation for the first time.

During the country's Independence Day in July, the independence flagpole is installed atop the Rizal Monument. Standing at 351 feet (107 meters), it is the tallest in the country and a spectacle for thousands of visitors.

Located just north of Roxas Boulevard, the park is also within walking distance of Padre Burgos and Taft Avenue, so simply take the light rail yellow line to Taft, or from Manila, ride a jeepney along Rizal Avenue.
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