Selimiye is a small seaside fishing village about 25 miles from the city of Marmaris, Turkey. It is located on the Bozburun Peninsula along the Aegean Sea. Due to its unspoiled and laid back charm, Selimiye is often referred to as the real face of Turkey. While there are a few small hotels and guesthouses, you won't find big resorts here. There are restaurants and cafes serving traditional Turkish food, including plenty of fish caught fresh from the Aegean Sea and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Selimiye is well known for growing figs and almonds.

The town has a long tradition of wooden boat making, so visitors will see many boat yards in the area. These traditional boats are called gulets. Due to Selimiye's location and boat-making tradition, boat trips are popular activity for exploring the area. You can also visit the ruins of Hydas. The remains of three castles can be found in the hills of Selimiye. Near the shore is an old stone lighthouse, and southeast of the bay you'll find the remains of the city walls from the Hellenistic period. Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the sea from the small beach called Silimani. 

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The closest airport to Selimiye is the Dalaman Airport, which is about 83 miles away. You can reach Selimiye by bus from Marmaris. 
Adres: Selimiye, Turkey 48700, Turkije
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