Île des Deux Cocos

This private island located just south of Mauritius is a true tropical paradise. Its sandy beaches and palm shaded shores offer travelers pristine stretches of hawker-free white sands. Crystal clear, practically transparent waters are perfect for snorkeling, but it’s the private feel—not a laundry list of activities—that makes Ile des Deux Cocos a destination. 

Glass-bottom boats collect a limited number of passengers and shuttle them off through incredible coral reefs to this remote island, where a luxury hotel with its own private sands sits at the center. Though this excursion isn't ideal for the budget traveler, visitors agree that the strong tropical drinks, relaxing vibe and scenic sands are definitely an experience that’s worth the trip.

Practical Info

High winds mean weather can sometimes be unpredictable and even change quickly. So while the island is beautiful any time of year, summer offers the most stable conditions for travel to Ille des Deux Cocos. 
Adres: Île des Deux Cocos, Mauritius
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