Trou aux Cerfs Crater

This massive crater in the heart of Mauritius measures more than 980 feet (300 meters) in diameter and some 260 feet (80 meters) deep. Known for its humid climate and expansive 360-degree views, Trou aux Cerfs Crater is a favorite spot among travelers seeking out natural beauty and quiet tranquility. While this dormant volcano hasn’t erupted in lifetimes, experts say it’s primed to blow any time in the next thousand years—a fact that lends a bit of edge to an otherwise peaceful excursion. Travelers can wander the scenic paths surrounding Trou aux Crefs Crater and take in epic views of incredible island countryside. 

Some believe the Grand Bassin, a natural lake at the top of another nearby volcano, is an extension of the Ganges River, so travelers can sometimes find Hindus from throughout Mauritius worshiping at its sacred waters.

Practical Info

The crater is located in Curepipe, in central Mauritius. While it is accessible via a steep path, locals agree that the slippery channel that leads to the crater is too dangerous to descend.
Adres: Trou-Aux-Cerfs Rd, Curepipe, Mauritius
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