Jardín, a town in the mountains just four hours to the south of Medellin, preserves a colonial appearance that seems unchanged by the modern advances of this century. 

The town’s name is no mystery—its beautiful garden-like atmosphere and lush green landscapes enchant visitors. Enjoy the peace and calm in this laid-back town that is not on the typical tourist trail. The beautiful tree-lined plaza is perfect to relax and observe daily life. The main square is lined with cafes and restaurants with colorful tables and chairs, and the striking neo-Gothic Basilica Menor de la Inmaculada Conception is close by. Whitewashed colonial houses in town have brightly painted doors, balconies and hanging baskets.

There’s also plenty of scenery to take in. There are trout farms for fishing and an old-fashioned cable car above the river that extends across the valley and up into the mountains. At the lookout point there are views of the town and a café to have something to eat. Visitors also have the opportunity to walk around the farms. 

The Cave of Splendor (La Cueva del Esplendor), a waterfall within a cave, is a six-hour roundtrip trek along narrow, steep, mountain paths. Along the way, admire the mountains with their banana and coffee plantations. It’s recommended to go with a guide who knows the terrain.

Practical Info

It’s easy to get a bus from the Terminal del Sur bus terminal in Medellin heading to Jardín. Once in the town, walking is the best way to get around. 
Adres: Jardin, Colombia
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