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Argentina’s hot-spring spa town of Cacheuta has been a popular Andean resort since the early 1900s. Hot springs are a feature of the Andean foothills, and Cacheuta is one of the country’s major spa resorts. The first resort opened in 1904, and became a byword for luxurious relaxation, with bathing establishments and direct access to the spa from the town’s train station.

All this was swept away by the floods of 1934. Today, the ruins of the original spa are preserved within the new resort. Visitors can swim in the resort’s pools, have mud baths and spas in a series of rock pools lining the river, indulge in massage therapies, or go horseback riding and walking. The spa hotel offers luxury accommodation, and day visitors can use the day spa facilities, including sauna, thermal pools and relaxation areas. The resort also has an aqua park for all the family, with pools, slides and waterfalls.
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