Hill of Glory (Cerro de la Gloria)

A 14-ton bronze national monument atop the steps of the Hill of Glory pays tribute to the Army of the Andres battle for liberation, which freed Argentina, Chile and Peru from Spanish rule in the early 19th century. Travelers can wander the crooked path through San Martin Park, past a Greek theater and soccer stadium, to this historic monument, which was designed by a Uruguayan artist and is a recognized part of the urban skyline.

Stones for this iconic memorial were trekked in from the Uspallata area of the Mendoza Mountains. Life-like images depicting struggles, victories and historic moments are etched into the sides of the Hill of Glory, but it’s the massive statues of brave soldiers perched atop the towering rocks that make this piece of public art so noteworthy.
Adres: Cerro de la Gloria, Mendoza, Argentinië
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