San Angel

A much loved neighborhood in the southwestern corner of Mexico City, San Angel is known for its narrow cobblestone streets, its small town feel, and its authentic Mexican food, crafts, and culture. People come to San Angel to experience the Mexico City that existed in colonial times. Café culture is popular here, and many choose to spend the day sipping on a café con leche and watching the craftsmen peddle their wares in the public market or during the popular Saturday Bazaar. Colonial architecture marks the town, small taquerias line the zocalo (town square), and the boutique shops that dot the cobblestoned streets are perfect for exploring.

Head to the park for a pleasant stroll under the shade of the gum trees, and enjoy life’s passing parade as the locals here do (typically with an agua fresca). San Angel is known as one of Mexico City’s most beautiful neighborhoods, and any of the city’s wealthy elite struck up residence here decades ago, making the architecture of the town one of its many subtle draws —the slow pace of life being another.
Adres: Mexico City, Mexico
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