Casino Square

From James Bond fans to those who simply want to witness the good life, the Casino of Monte-Carlo is a sure-fire destination when visiting the principality of Monaco.

This swanky casino has a strict dress code, but those with laidback vacation attire can hang outside at Casino Square, which is just as (if not more) entertaining than the goings-on inside. In short, it's where the real action is. Originally built as the entry to the Monte-Carlo in the late 1800s, the square (also known as Place du Casino) was a spot to see and be seen. It brought the Hôtel de Paris and the Café de Paris together with the casino to create a large square to welcome patrons.

Men and women in their best outfits throw their keys to the valets, who get to drive some of the world's most astounding vehicles to their showcase parking spots around the fountain in the center of the square. And despite the posh and expensive atmosphere, an outdoor seat to watch the world go by can be had for the price of a coffee or beverage at the Café de Paris.

Interestingly enough, the Place du Casino is as close as the citizens of Monaco will ever get to the Casino of Monte-Carlo itself; they are forbidden to enter!

Practical Info

To enter the Casino of Monte-Carlo, visitors must be dressed in formal (or at least business) attire, and passports need to be presented. The public square is open daily and is usually bustling until the early morning hours.
Adres: Casino Square, Monaco
Openingstijden: Daily
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