Mirador del Obispado

Proudly flying Mexico’s largest monumental flag, the Mirador del Obispado (Bishop’s Lookout) is impossible to miss, but the scenic hilltop esplanade is best known for its unbeatable panoramic views, which look out over the city of Monterrey and the surrounding mountains. Set at the top of the 775-meter-high Bishop’s Hill, Monterrey’s highest point, the Mirador del Obispado takes it name from the grand baroque Palacio del Obispado (Bishop’s Palace) that sits atop its peak and now houses the Nuevo León Regional Museum.

While locals gather at the Mirador del Obispado year-round, the most atmospheric time to visit the lookout point is during one of the many annual celebrations and military ceremonies, like Mexican Flag Day and Mexican Independence day, when the Mirador hosts live music, traditional dance performances and huge firework displays, set against a backdrop of the neon-lit city below.
Adres: Monterrey, Mexico
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