Punta Gorda

The neighborhood of Punta Gorda gets its name from the granite promontory of Punta Gorda, rising 82 feet (25 meters) above sea level. Beaches here include Playa de los Ingleses and Playa Verde. The avenues along Punta Gorda are called Rambla O’Higgins and Rambla República de Mèjico.

Don’t miss the snail-like staircase, called Darwin’s Ladder, built in honor of Charles Darwin, who visited the area studying its soil composition and strata. Visitors should also see Navy Square, or Plaza de la Armada, formerly known as Virgilio Square. It’s a cross between a plaza and a park that contains the important monument Fight, or Monument to the Fallen in the Sea. Sculpted by Spanish-Uruguayan artist Eduardo Yepes Diaz in 1957, it honors those killed in the line of duty while in the Navy.

Punta Gorda is also home to another notable monument, the Pyramid of Solis, or Monument to the Discoveries. This was erected in honor of Juan Díaz de Solís, the 16th-century navigator and explorer who first visited the area. He named the Río de la Plata and continued up to the confluence of the Uruguay and Paraná rivers.

In addition, be sure to visit Molino de Perez, a historic watermill that now houses a cultural center. The stone building was constructed atop a mortar base of lime and sand between 1780 and 1790. In 1836, the building was acquired by Juan María Pérez, a powerful merchant who transformed it into a productive mill that continued to operate even after his death. In 1895, Molino de Perez was partially destroyed by flooding. The wheel and elements of the building were restored, and some of the original mill machinery remains. 

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Punta Gorda borders Malvín to the west, Las Canteras to the northwest, Carrasco Norte and Carrasco to the northeast and the coastline on the south.
Adres: Montevideo, Uruguay
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