Malabar Hill

Mumbai’s most exclusive neighborhood, Malabar Hill sits at the northern end of Marine Drive and is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the city. An eclectic mix of modern buildings and old colonial mansions, Malabar Hill is where Mumbai's rich and famous reside. 

Yet Malabar Hill is an area you wouldn’t visit unless you knew about it beforehand, or if you happened to extend a walk to the very end of Marine Drive; its exclusivity comes not only from accommodating Mumbai’s rich and elite then, but from having a location that is simply not on the way to anywhere else.

At the north end, in the crook of Malabar Hill, lies the infamous Chowpatty Beach, a long stretch of grey-white sand and a focal point in Mumbai for locals and tourists alike. While strolling up the hill, be sure to stop to admire the views of Marine Drive and take a photo or two. Malabar Hill is also home to a smattering of tourist attractions, including Banganga Tank, Walkeshwar Temple, and the Hanging Gardens.

Practical Info

Malabar Hill is located at the northern end of Back Bay in South Mumbai. It can be reached via both Walkeshwar Road and Napean Sea Road. The nearest train station is Grant Road (on the Western Railways line).
Adres: Mumbai, India
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