Parco Virgiliano

The ancient Roman poet Virgil didn't die in Naples, but the city had stolen his heart and he said he wanted to be buried there. At least that's what the Neapolitans say. On the pretty Posillipo Hill, there are three attractions associated with Virgil – two parks, and his supposed tomb. Both parks have variations on the same name – Parco Virgiliano.

At the base of the Posillipo Hill, the Parco Virgiliano a Piedigrotta (also known as the Parco Virgiliano a Mergellina, the neighborhood below Posillipo) includes a winding path up the side of the hill, with plants on either side and great views over the Gulf of Naples and beyond. Partway up the hill, the supposed location of Virgil's tomb is at the end of a long tunnel. Although it's less of a pilgrimage destination now, it's still popular with some visitors.

At the top of Posillipo Hill is the other Parco Virgiliano (also called Parco Virgiliano a Posillipo). In addition to green space, this park also has a few playgrounds for kids and a small amphitheater where there are sometimes performances in the summer months. The park on top of the hill is a perfect place to enjoy the views over the historic city, the water, and even Mt. Vesuvius in the distance.

Even if you're not staying in the posh Posillipo neighborhood, it can be an excellent place to spend a romantic evening, with a walk through the park, dinner at a nice restaurant, and a parting view over the lit-up city before heading back to your hotel for the night.

Adres: Viale Virgilio, Naples, Italy 80123, Italië
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