The smallest island in the Campanian Archipelago, a trip to Procida can make a big impression.

Compared to its better known island neighbors, a small number of visitors venture to Procida, making it a great destination for travelers who don’t enjoy crowds. While Chiaiolella Beach is the island’s most popular stretch of sand, the beach at Pozzo Vecchio is known for its role in the film Il Postino.

Lined with a pastel rainbow of buildings, just wandering the narrow streets can provide hours of enjoyment. It’s questionable who has the better view, the houses and churches along the coast, or the many boats anchored offshore. 

Practical Info

Procida was created by the eruption of now dormant and submerged volcanoes. It is connected to the Island of Vivara by a narrow bridge. The island, less than 4.1 square kilometers (1.6 square miles), is located between Capo Miseno and the island of Ischia. 
Adres: Procida, Italy, Italië
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