Genipabu is a beach village known for its large sand dunes and freshwater lagoons.  There are a few different ways to explore the mounds of shifting sand, with varying degrees of adrenaline — from camel rides to sand buggies to sand-boarding (esquibunda or skibunda) down the hot dunes and into the cool water.  

The winds shifting across the sand means that the landscape of Genipabu is always changing.  The sands pile up into dunes that rise and fall, creating ridges and mounds across the shores and eventually plunging into the sea.  Certain areas of the dunes are accessible only by certified dune buggy drivers, who will ask if you want your ride “with emotion” or without, to determine the level of desired thrills.  Sand boarding into the lagoons’ fresh water is a great way to beat the heat.  

No matter the method of adventure you choose, the unique landscape and natural beauty of both the sand and water at Genipabu is worth seeing. Afternoon is a particularly popular time to visit, with the sunset being a highlight for many.

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Genipabu is located 30 kilometers north of Natal in the Extremoz area of the Rio Grande do Norte. It is visited often as a day trip from Natal.
Adres: Genipabu, Brazil, Brazilië
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