Via Costeira

Via Costeira, also known as Senador Dinarte Mariz Avenue, is a significant beachfront walkway and paved road that extends from Ponta Negra beach in Natal. It is one of the most important avenues in Natal, with two lanes in each direction and no traffic lights. It winds along the coastline and is popular with visitors for its views of the beaches.  

At 12 kilometers long, it climbs through Natal’s coast up to Meio Beach. It is bordered on one side by a secluded beach full of Natal hotels, and on the other by the Dunes Park natural protected area. It connects all of the local urban beaches of Natal with the city center, with Redinha Beach connected via the Newton Navarro Bridge. The sidewalk of the road is great for walking and biking, with access to different beaches throughout the route.

Practical Info

The Via Costeira runs from Ponta Negra Beach in the south to Meio Beach in the north along the coastline of the city of Natal. It is free to use.
Adres: Brazil, Brazilië
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