Natal Suggested Itineraries

Natal sits as the capital of Rio Grande de Norte and can be found just south of the eastern horn of Brazil. Known for its sandy dunes and white beaches, most visitors come here for a taste of Brazilian nightlife and miles of beautiful coastline.

Day 1: Natal Beaches

Natal boasts a stunning coastline and the first thing you’ll want to do there is to jump immediately into that crystalline Atlantic water. Before you strip bare and take the plunge, however, might be a good idea to know where you are and where you’re going. The Natal City and Southcoast Tour will give you a good overview of the city while a guide notes poignancies like the world’s largest cashew tree, and where the best beaches and nightlife lie. Enjoy your tour or just spend the day lounging on one of the Brazil’s best beaches, Pipa Beach and then head into the city for a relaxing night out, enjoying Caipirinhas and the famous meat feijoada.

Day 2: Natal and the North Coast at High Speed

Natal is a famous jumping-off point for coastal exploration. There’s no better way to explore those chalky dunes than by zipping along on a beach buggy, a load of tropical fruit in your picnic basket. Rise early and head off to book your buggy and explore the North Coast. Spotted with lagoons, natural wildlife, and estuaries where river meets ocean, these Brazilian beaches are no stop short of amazing. Head back into Natal and gear up for a night out on the town with music, dancing, and theatre, all highlighting the quintessential Brazilian experience.

Day 3: Day Trips from Natal

Located on the South Coast close to the state border of Paraíba, Baia Formosa is a traditional fishing town with some of the finest surfing spots in South America. Consider spending a relaxing day with water sports there, or head off to exotic Barra do Cunhau where farmers make sea salt and local fishermen haul in pots of crab and lobster. Galinhos is another sleepy fishing village with stunning natural surroundings. Today, all you need to remember is to bring a towel and some sunscreen – now that’s a vacation.
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