Saddle Hill Fortress

Yet another mark of Horatio Nelson’s legacy on the island of Nevis, the Saddle Hill Fortress was once his lookout point for spotting arriving ships. Here he kept a keen eye out for Spanish and French vessels with aggressive intentions. Though it was intended as a fall-back position in case of invasion, it was never used as such, and in fact was never even equipped with any weapons.

Today the long abandoned fort is largely overgrown with scrub brush, but visitors can explore among the intact stone walls and enjoy incredible views across the south end of the island. On a clear day, it’s possible to see the smoldering peaks of Montserrat in the distance.

Practical Info

The Saddle Hill Fortress sits about 5 miles from Nevis’ capital Charlestown, and can be reached by car by driving east from town along the main road. Local hiking guides offers can lead you to the fort, explain more about the history and local flora and fauna along the way. 
Adres: Saddle Hill, Rawlins, Nevis, St Kitts - Nevis
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