Bahla is known for its superstitions, myths and legends that date back centuries, and many locals still refer to the magic and mystery of the town. Its second name is Madinat Al Sehr, or the City of Magic.) 

The biggest draw for visitors is the massive Bahla Fort, the oldest in all of Oman. Surrounded by a 12-kilometer-high wall, the fort was built by local Banu Nabhan tribes between the 13th and 14th centuries. Ruins of the original structure are walls made of unbaked mud brick and sandstone foundations, while its towers raise some 165 feet above the ground. The fort is a superb example of medieval southern Arabian architecture, today listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bahla also has an old souk—where you can find the famous Bahla pottery—as well as an oasis, palm grove and mosque dating back to pre-Islamic times.

Practical Info

Bahla is located off of Highway 21, about halfway between Nizwa and Ibri. The best way to reach it is via car. 
Adres: Bahla, Oman
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